Which is the best soda maker: cuisinart soda maker vs sodastream

Even since sodastream open the home soda making market, we have seen a number of competing products entering the market. Cuisinart’s sparking beverage maker is one such recent entry, launched into the market late 2012. With sodastream having such a big lead in the market, especially with tonnes of positive online reviews, it will be interesting to see how Cuisinart will try to curve out a niche for itself.

cuisinart soda maker vs sodastream

From a consumer point of view, you probably want to know the difference between cuisinart and sodastream soda maker.

Below is a table that I have put together for your convenience in terms of product comparison.

Cusinart Soda Maker Sodastream soda maker
Prices on Amazon USD77 USD81
Size of CO2 cartridge Make 5.5 liters of soda Make 60 lites of soda
Cost of replacing CO2 cartridge USD10 USD15
Cost in terms of soda produced USD1.8 (USD10/5.5) USD0.25 (USD15/60)
Where to replace CO2 cartridge Bed Bath and Beyond Hardware store, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond
Soda favors available Currently none More than 20

Beyond the facts, there are some reviewers who claim that the carbonation is much better in Sodastream as you get more bubbles out of the carbonation process.

Overall, it seems that the sodastream soda maker is a better product relative to Cuisinart. The only thing is that the latter is a bit cheaper but if you consider the cost of usage (i.e. the cost of making soda), Sodastream is clearly in the lead.

Of course, I expect Cuisinart to improve their product over time given the company’s reputation but for now, sodastream soda maker is the best soda maker in the market.