Which brand is the best soda maker

Soda makers are a relatively new form of home appliances. They are created to meet a new demand in the market for a healthier form of home made soda drink. It is known that the sugar in most soda waters is the cause of obesity yet people enough drinking their sodas. Soda makers help to solve this by giving you the means to drink soda water without any of the sugar.

Currently, based on consumer reviews, the following is my top list for best soda makers. As more models come into the market, this list will be updated.

Best soda water maker kit for beginners

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If you are just starting to get into making home made sodas, this starter kit from Sodastream will be the best bet for you. It comes with 3 items: (i) a soda maker machine, (ii) a carbonator that make up to 60 L of soda and (iii) one plastic bottle.

Why I recommend this:

  • Be more healthy: this is really the number one reason why you should buy a soda water maker. By adding carbonation to your drink, you will find yourself not needing to go back to those high calorie sugared water. In the past, most of us cannot simply drink healthier drinks such as fruit juices is due to the flat taste. Carbonation will solve this problem.
  • Easy to store: the sodamaker is not a big machine and can be stored on the kitchen counter or inside one of your kitchen cabinet. Compared to the numerous bottles of soda water that you used to purchase from departmental stores, this is a HUGH space saver.
  • Easy to set up: it is really as simple as connecting the CO2 cartridge, adding water and adding carbonation plus whatever favoring you liked. That is it.
  • Markers to tell you how much carbonation: the soda maker machine will give off a sound when the maximum amount of carbonation has been added. You can of course choose less than the maximum, depending on your own taste and preference.
  • Lots of favors to choose from: the starter kit comes with a wide range of favoring ranging from Cola to Grapefruit to Orange etc. Some of you might not like the favors but you can always mix and match to create your own style. If you need ideas, there is already soda recipe books that will teach you how to make delicious soda at home. I will also be sharing some of my secret recipes here so keep a lookout for that.


What this product doesn’t do

  • Cost saving: this machine is meant to save you money, at least not significant enough to warrant a purchase if you just want to buy it for this reason. If you calculate the price of the machine, plus all the carbonation refills, the cost of each litre of homemade soda water is not that different from commercial sodas. Buy this for health reason, not to save money.


Cheaper soda maker

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Another cheaper alternative is the soda sparkle soda maker. It is a relatively new comer to the soda maker scene and comes with lower entry price point. However, this is a hidden cost to using soda sparkle. Its carbonator is a one off charge, i.e. one bottle of water requires one charge. After each charge, you need to replace the carbonator. This not only increase the cost, relative to SodaStream whose carbonator can be used for dozens of liters of water, but also the inconvenience.


History of soda makers

Currently, there are a few brands providing soda waters. The most well known among them has to be SodaStream, which actually pioneered this whole market. Seeing that consumers are starting to buy them , other brands such as SodaSparkle and iSi are emerging to take a piece of the pie. Even bigger brands such as Cuisinart has come up with their own versions of soda makers as well.

This is the reason why I decided to start this review site. It is to give people some sense of which brand is the best soda maker. In order words, I want to cut through the crap and tell you what is really worth buying.